2010 – East Grand Watershed Initiative – A five (5) year effort lead by the Woodie Wheaton Land Trust named the “East Grand Watershed Initiative” was committed to a path of conservation through an outright purchase of fee interest in 2011 by The Conservation Fund. The 12,013 acres of forest and shore lands included a 1,750 acre deer wintering area of state-wide significance, hundreds of acres of high value wetlands, wildlife and bird habitat and nearly 30 miles of shoreline along Monument Stream, East Grand Lake, Longley, Deering, North, Sucker and Brackett Lakes.

Adding to our successes along Spednic Lake and other local waters, the Woodie Wheaton Land Trust efforts to conserve major portions of the undeveloped shore lands in Maine along East Grand, Brackett, Longfellow, Lost and North Lakes have resulted in an outright acquisition of this landscape by The Conservation Fund.  We are pleased to have initiated this effort and to have worked diligently over the past two years with The Conservation Fund toward what will be a huge win for conservation and for the communities in the East Grand Lake area.