Thank you to all our donors!  Your generous gifts - whether they are big or small, from a person or an organization - help protect and steward the special natural places of the Chiputneticook Lakes region.  Thanks to you, we are building a vital conservation legacy and securing a way of life for future generations.

Below are just a few stories from WWLT Directors about why they support the Woodie Wheaton Land Trust.  We encourage you to share your story and help us raise awareness of the impact we have on the region.

If you have a story you'd like to share about why your support and became a member of the Woodie Wheaton Land Trust, please send it to Madison at OR fill out our "Share Your Story" survey by clicking here.

"We all have special natural places we hold dear. But if it is not your property, who is going to treat it with the respect it deserves? And who is going to protect the landscape? Well, this organization tries!”

~ Dale Wheaton

"I became involved with WWLT after a few years of going to Forest City on vacation with my family. Gwen asked me if I would be interesting in joining the board. I had already fallen in love with Forest City and land trust gave me another reason to be connected to the area. I knew what the land trust did and what they had already accomplished and I wanted to be part of it. I believe in their vision and passion.”

~ David Bianco


"In 1960 when I was 11 years old, my father brought our family of 5 up from Connecticut to East Grand Lake in Forest City for the month of August. I immediately fell in love with the unspoiled, wild yet accessible beauty of the area. The brightness of the stars. The sound of the loons breaking the deep silence of the night. The miles of fishing along undeveloped shore land on Spednic, which was teaming with white perch and bass. Almost every year since then, I have made my way to our camp on the Arm of East Grand, driving 22 hours yearly from Michigan with my own family. Along with us, my siblings and their children and grandchildren treasure this area for the same reasons I fell in love with it 60 years ago. My 10 year old grandson talks all year about going to Maine. While of course there have been changes, and major threats to the area, it still has managed to be a place that never fails to reconnect us to the deep natural beauty of the world. This is what the work of the WWLT is about, protecting this area to assure that long after we're gone, others will still be able to find a place in this world where they can hear the silence of night broken by the lone call of a loon. When my 10 year old grandson was an infant, I held him by the lake and wished for him that he would be able to do the same for his grandson someday. This can come true, but only if we take the time and energy and resources now to make it come true. That's why I'm working with the WWLT"

~ Jamie Plunkett

"I became involved with the WWLT because I was impressed by the responsible perseveration efforts they were undertaking to assure that this beautiful chain of lakes would continue to provide meaning experiences for visitors, as evidenced by the purchase of Greenland Island which provides a place of exploration and respite for all who come. I was also very impressed by their strong support and advocacy in the Danforth community project to build the East Highland Hiking Trail, which has now become classified as 'One of the most beautiful overlooks in the state'"

~ Brianne O'Leary


"My family and I always dreamed of having a camp on a lake in Maine. We learned about and began to experience East Grand Lake by visiting friends on the Lake. In 1990 we were fortunate enough to acquire a small lot and cottage on the shores of East Grand Lake. Since that time, with our family and friends, we have spent many hours swimming, canoeing, kayaking, sailing, fishing, and enjoying the quiet beauty of East Grand Lake, Spednic Lake, nearby streams, and the surrounding wild lands. The sight and cry of the loons is inspiring. Routinely, bald eagles soar overhead. Occasionally, we witness a bear or bobcat crossing the camp road. Moose and deer sightings are frequent. The serene beauty witnessed when cross country skiing across the sun lit lake in winter is indescribable. Because of the incomparable experiences this area has afforded us, we hope to see it preserved in its pristine state. The Woodie Wheaton Land Trust works tirelessly to spare the Chiputneticook Lakes and shores from commercial development. As a board member, I have witnessed and participated in the continued efforts to assure that this treasure is preserved for its inherent beauty and the experiences it has to offer for our community today and for the future. It is exciting to be given the opportunity to aid in this effort."

~ Stephen Martin