If we don’t protect this landscape, who will? 

If you’re like us, you likely have many fond childhood memories of growing up alongside one of the Chiputneticook Lakes. From making sand pies on the shore to swimming in the pristine water and, of course, a lot of fishing. The time we spent outdoors shaped who we are today. For so many places, it is too late. Commercialization and accessibility have stripped them of their natural landscape. Help us protect the shorelines and vistas of the Chiputneticook Lakes region now, so they will forever be there for us and for future generations.

Give Back to The Lakes That Gave to You

Help us provide future generations the same opportunities to be shaped by nature as you were, by keeping the natural landscape of the Chiputneticook Region intact. All donations go directly to protecting nature and restoring it from its past commercialization injuries.