Help protect the forested areas surrounding the Chiputneticook Lakes

As many may know, the Government of New Brunswick is leading a collaborative initiative to double the amount of protected land in the province and achieve a target of 10% protection.

The government has prepared a website, called “New Brunswick’s Nature Legacy” that introduces the initiative and work that has been done to this point. Under the Get Involved tab, they have the Candidate Conservation Areas (CCA) proposed to date, shown on an interactive map: Pathway Public Feedback Map. The map shows the proposed lands (CCAs) that they are been able to properly research and ensure they are not encumbered in any way.

The Chiputneticook group, composed of Steve Buckingham, Brian Higgs, and George Guimond, submitted a nomination proposal to the government in April of 2020. Approximately 1/3 of the areas that they nominated have been included in the CCAs. However, for those who have been around East Grand Lake recently, you may have noticed that there has been some extensive cutting taking place. With several of the cuts happening on areas that the Chiputneticook Group had nominated.

In collaboration with the Chiputneticook Group, we ask that you take a look at the map and learn where protection is being proposed. The Candidate Conservation Areas are those highlighted with a green boundary. Existing Protected Nature Areas (PNAs) are the areas identified with an orange outline. If you think there are areas that should be added, let them know by nominating a site. Use the map to interact with and makes comments. The more feedback they receive, the better chance of protecting what little lands have not been cut. Your knowledge and experience of these specific areas are important to them.

Thank you for your support in protecting the forests and the freshwater of the Chiputneticook lakes region for our future generations.

One quick way to get involved is to:

1. Click this link:
2. Zoom into the Chiputneticook Lakes region.
3. Click on the green, highlighted parcels of land.
4. Click on the “Share knowledge for Site ID ####” and fill out the brief survey.
5. Continue with the other parcels.

Round Island on East Grand Lake