Woodie Wheaton Land Trust Conservation Accomplishments

  1. 1994- Booming Ground- Worked with the State on a 400-acre parcel acquired by IF&W as an ecological reserve.
  2. 1995- Baskahegan Easement- Quietly promoted 500-foot easement along more than 16 miles of Spednic Lake shoreline and fee in eight islands, conveyed by Baskahegan Company to the State of Maine.
  3. 1996 - 1998- Birch Island- Purchased 25-acre Birch and Little Island on Spednic Lake. Later conveyed by WWLT to the State of Maine with restrictive deed covenants.
  4. 1999- Spednic Protected Natural Area- Urged Province of New Brunswick to maintain the wild character of Crown lands along the St. Croix Waterway. In 2001, the Province created the 64,000-acrea Spednic Lake Protected Natural Area.
  5. 1999- Freda Island- Accepted the gift of Freda Island located in the outlet stream of East Grand Lake for public use in perpetuity.
  6. 2001- Spednic Lake/ St. Croix River- Protected a 500-foot corridor along 50 miles of lake and river frontage, and more than 3,000 acres of wildlife habitat in collaboration with partner organizations. Property was conveyed to the State of Maine through WWLT with restrictive deed covenants. Partner organizations included St. Croix International Waterway Commission, New England Forestry Foundation (NEFF) and the State of Maine.
  7. 2003-2005- Downeast Lakes Forestry Partnership- Actively and financially participated in partnership with NEFF and the Downeast Lakes Land Trust to conserve 312,000 acres of working forest in Washington County.
  8. 2008- Greenland Island- Purchased scenic 6-acre island located next to one of the best salmon fishing holes on East Grand Lake, the first of many future projects on East Grand Lake.
  9. 2008- West Grand Lake Forest- Provided financial collateral to the Downeast Lakes Land Trust toward the conservation of a 22,000-acre parcel along West Grand Lake.
  10. 2009- Woodie Wheaton Land Trust Center- The trust’s new office and meeting facility, the new center provides a base for community outreach, education, field trips, and is available for community groups in Maine and New Brunswick.
  11. 2007-2011- East Grand Watershed Initiative- WWLT initiated the project with the landowner and then worked with The Conservation Fund to purchase the 12,013 acres of forest land and 27.5 miles of shoreline along East Grand, Longley, Deering, North, Sucker, and Brackett Lakes in December of 2011.
  12. 2012- Executed a Cross Border Working Agreement with The Nature Trust of New Brunswick. Worked collaboratively on proposed PNA’s and understanding land exchange policies on Crown Lands.
  13. 2013-2014- Dri-Ki Point & Hathaway Island- Acquired Dri-Ki Point from Baskahegan Company; Dick and Lucy Packert donated a 12-acre "Forever Wild" Conservation Easement on Hathaway Island, both situated on Spednic Lake.
  14. 2018- The Headwaters Project- conserved 3,055 acres and many of the brooks and streams that nourish the East Grand Watershed. The lands border 9.4 miles of Monument Stream in the town of Amity, and have both forested uplands and extensive riparian wetlands along Greenleaf and Glendenning Brooks. The findings of professional ecologists and ornithologists revealed that the Headwaters contain some of the finest unspoiled habitat of wild birds, aquatic mammals, and wetland vegetation in Northern Maine and present the land trust with an enormous opportunity to promote its conservation mission.