Our Mission

To promote the protection, preservation and conservation of land and water in the Boundary Lakes region of eastern Maine and western New Brunswick for the benefit of present and future generations.

2018 Summer Internship Opportunity

Deadline to Apply:  March 20, 2018
Date of Internships: June 4- August 10 (flexible based on academic schedule)
Hours: Flexible hours; roughly 40 hours a week

The goal of the Summer Internship Program is to promote regional, conservation-minded stewardship and build the organizational capacity of the Woodie Wheaton Land Trust. This donor-funded program provides successful candidates the opportunity to develop a connection to the work of the WWLT in land preservation, land stewardship and management, recreational management and environmental education. Summer Interns work together under the supervision and training of the Conservation Manager. Internships are flexible in nature, and will be designed to match the Land Trust's needs with the skills and interests of the intern.

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President's Note

    Art-Wheaton Words often fall short to express an experienced deep and everlasting connection to wild, unspoiled, pristine places. Having personally sampled this great country from coast to coast, the breathtaking landscapes, sectional solitude, Class A water, sporting paradise of wild game and fish, and unspoiled granite rocky shorelines of the Chipenecticook Lakes region standout as one of those special places where you can find respite, personal renewal, and can really touch the earth.
      The Woodie Wheaton Land Trust has painted a canvas of over 50 miles of protected shorelines, acres of conserved and eased Islands like Greenland, Birch and Hathaway, and now have added Spednic’s spectacular Dri-Ki Point to connect vast shoreline sections. The untiring work is ongoing.
      This vision strives to enrich the lives of our children and grandchildren. You are invited to experience it all. Come visit and you will not be disappointed.artsig

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