Additional Acreage Conserved on Spednic Lake

In late December, the land trust purchased a 17-acre parcel on Spednic Lake, which hosts the traditional public boat landing. The site has provided regular access to the 22-mile-long boundary lake for local anglers, guides, lodges, and canoeists since 1960, when the private landowner closed the original landing nearby. But legal public access was never executed. Use of the landing was imperiled in 2018 when a prospective buyer expelled local guides and forbade public use of the site.

After four years of commitment to securing public access, WWLT was able to acquire the entire property in an amicable transfer. The property hosts several cottages, 1150 feet of lakeshore frontage, and the historic stern-wheeler landing (c. 1866), where settlers and tannery interests originally came to the area. Boat access to the lake, critically important to the region's outdoor sporting economy, is now ensured.

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