Our Mission

To promote the protection, preservation and conservation of land and water in the Chiputneticook Lakes region of eastern Maine and western New Brunswick for the benefit of present and future generations.

    Art-Wheaton Words often fall short to express an experienced deep and everlasting connection to wild, unspoiled, pristine places. Having personally sampled this great country from coast to coast, the breathtaking landscapes, sectional solitude, Class A water, sporting paradise of wild game and fish, and unspoiled granite rocky shorelines of the Chiputneticook Lakes region standout as one of those special places where you can find respite, personal renewal, and can really touch the earth.
      The Woodie Wheaton Land Trust has painted a canvas of more than 50 miles of protected shorelines, many acres of conserved and eased Islands like Greenland, Birch and Hathaway, and now have added Spednic’s spectacular Dri-Ki Point to connect vast shoreline sections. The untiring work is ongoing.
      This vision strives to enrich the lives of our children and grandchildren. You are invited to experience it all. Come visit and you will not be disappointed.

Current Campaigns & Projects

Headwaters Forest Acquisition - New Project!

Monument Brook in Amity, ME.

Monument Brook in Amity, ME.

In 2018, Woodie Wheaton Land Trust (WWLT) purchased 3,055 acres of former timber industry land, located along Monument Brook in the headwaters of the St. Croix River watershed.  This acquistion was crucial to maintaining valuable wildlife habitat, protecting water quality in the East Grand Lake watershed, and preserving public access for traditional use.  We are excited to announce that in the fall of 2019, WWLT entered into a purchase and sales agreement with an adjacent landowner to these lands, which would create an addition of 906 acres to the Headwaters Forest.  The benefits of improved public access and visibility, protection of valuable habitat, and the strategic location of this parcel are all excellent attributes of this project.  Specific project details are as follows:

Strategic Importance of Adjacent Uplands

  • Offers ability to manage public access consistent with goals of ownership
  • Enhance/protect ecological integrity of initial investments
  • Assure environmentally responsible & compatible land use on adjacent lands

Important Characteristics of Proposed Land

  • Connectivity to existing WWLT lands and Maine Inland Fisheries & Wildlife Deer Wintering Areas
  • Nearly 2 miles abutting the Greenleaf parcel
  • Contains 2 major feeder streams into Monument Brook (brook trout spawning habitat)
  • Ownership and control of land and access from US Route 1

Existing WWLT Lands in Amity (Glendenning & Greenleaf parcels)

  • 3,055 acres in total
  • 9.4 miles bordering Monument Brook
  • Includes both forested uplands and wetlands
  • Abuts 7,486 acres owned by the Bureau of Public Lands
  • Largest area of high value wading bird and waterfowl habitat in the East Grand Watershed
  • Contains 6 significant brook trout streams

The opportunity to purchase this key parcel of land, and connect to existing WWLT Headwaters Lands is an exciting prospect!  However, as with much of our work, the completion of this project is highly dependent upon strong support from donors who value critical wildlife habitat, public access for traditional use, and conserving the headwaters of East Grand Lake and the St. Croix River Watershed.  To make a donation for this important acquisition, please visit WWLT's "Support Our Work" page, or call (207) 448-3250 for more details on how to support Woodie Wheaton Land Trust during this exciting time!

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Experience the Chiputneticook Lakes

The lakes country of the northern St. Croix watershed is one of nature’s gems. Rolling hills and unbroken forests meet unspoiled waters to create miles of granite-strewn shoreline, an area bountiful in fish and wildlife and soothing to the soul. The shorelines and vistas of the Chiputneticook Lakes - North, East Grand, Mud, Spednic and Palfrey, offer remote and pristine values that have been lost elsewhere.

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