Loons on East Grand Lake

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Nature Needs You.

The Future Will Thank You.

And so will we. Conservation-minded members and volunteers help us carry on the legacy of preservation, so future generations can get to know and love the area just as much as we do. Please join us in protecting the Chiputneticook Lakes Region of Eastern Maine and Western New Brunswick today, tomorrow, and always.

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We couldn’t do it without you. Volunteers are the lifeforce behind the Woodie Wheaton Land Trust. Our volunteer program matches seasonal and permanent residents to opportunities that feed their passions and line up with their strengths.

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Our Local Partners

We appreciate the support from these local businesses!
Dave's Hardware
Danforth, ME
First Settlers Lodge
Weston, ME
Grand Lake Cottages
Forest City, ME
Greater East Grand Economic Council
Danforth, ME
JMM Tree Solutions
Hodgdon, ME
The Mill Yard
Danforth, ME
Wheaton's Lodge
Forest City, ME

Donor & Volunteer Stories

“This is what the work of the WWLT is about, protecting this area to assure that long after we're gone, others will still be able to find a place in this world where they can hear the silence of night broken by the lone call of a loon.”

Jamie Plunkett

“I felt it was my responsibility to get involved with the Trust to continue to steward and protect the pristine nature of the area in the same fashion that my ancestors had done, ensuring future generations the opportunity to enjoy the natural environment and make memories of their own.”

Shane Wheaton

“I became involved with the Trust because I was impressed by the responsible preservation efforts they were undertaking to ensure that this beautiful chain of lakes would continue to provide meaningful experiences for visitors.”

Brianne O'Leary

“I grew up in Danforth and return annually to fish and hunt in the area. I support WWLT's efforts and know much more has to be done for the residents in the area to make the transition from the lumber industry to tourism. Keep up the great work.”

Karl Cyr

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