East Grand Highlands Hiking Trails

The East Grand Highlands Trails became the first hiking area in Danforth. The trails were made possible through the generosity of the David B. Snow Jr. Family Trust, which granted an easement across a scenic portion of its land that overlooks Sucker Lake. The three connected trails — totaling 4.01 miles — are open to the public. The land is privately owned by the Snow family.

Danforth, Maine
4.01 miles of hiking trails
Date Protected
Opened in 2016
Wildlife Watching
Water Access

Conservation Purpose

Provide a recreational opportunity for people to experience, engage in, and enjoy the natural beauty of the area. The trails also serve to attract visitors and tourists to the region, promoting economic growth.

Public Access

  • Hiking
  • Wildlife Watching
  • Fishing at Sucker Lake (hike-in only)
  • Water Access
  • Swimming
  • Picnicking (day use only)

Key Features & Property Description

  • Woods
  • Glacial erratics (enormous boulders)
  • Scenic overlooks of Sucker Lake and East Grand Lake
  • Waterfront access to Sucker Lake via Sucker Lake Trail
  • Wildlife - deer, moose, black bear, ruffed grouse, and many species of songbirds

Trail Rules:
- Stay on marked trails
- Sign in and out of trail log
- Leave no trace behind
- No hiking after dark
- Leash and clean up after your pet
- Respect the environment, and please do not remove any plants or wildlife
- The following are prohibited: fires, ATVS or motorized vehicles, horses, overnight camping/parking, hunting or trapping

Overlook Trail - 1.58 MILES

  • Easy in difficulty 
  • Originally a logging road
  • Main footpath leading from the trailhead on Rt. 1 to Sucker Lake and the East Grand Lake scenic overlook
  • Passes through regenerated timberland 
  • Impressive evidence of glacial activity including the notable Rolling Rock glacial erratic located 1/2 mile from the trailhead

Boulder Ridge Trail - 0.88 MILES

  • Moderate in difficulty
  • Extends through dense tree stands 
  • Connects Overlook Trail to Sucker Lake Trail
  • Sections of steep inclines 
  • Hikers pass through rocky areas with lots of fern, covered boulders along narrow corridors, grassy areas along and a large pine tree forest

Sucker Lake Trail - 1.55 MILES

  • Difficult in difficulty 
  • Access via the Overlook or Boulder Ridge trails
  • Extends through regenerated timberland before reaching a large cedar swamp
  • Hikers pass through large boulders with narrow corridors and several areas of steep incline, as well as over a bog using cedar log walks
  • Leads to a quiet lakeside picnic area on Sucker Lake with a picturesque view of the lake and mountains in the background
  • Water Access
  • Swimming

State of Maine rules and regulations apply.

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