Why We Rebranded WWLT

The goal of the rebranding was to prepare WWLT for its next chapter of growth by crafting a sophisticated look and feel that matched the legacy of the organization. This unique landscape is active, alive, and rare, and we wanted to communicate that with a dynamic new logo and website.

We retired the original logo, which featured Woodie Wheaton’s signature and emphasized both the rusticism and traditionalism of the region. The new logo pays homage to the beloved Woodie Wheaton by incorporating his initials into a stylized pinecone, where the ideas of tradition, preservation, and a greener future can coexist. We retained the original illustration and transformed it into a seal as a nod to the past.

As we continue to grow, we recognize that our visitors have diverse connections to this place. Some have been coming for generations, some are local residents, some are brand new. We wanted to build an engaging website for all of these groups. Property pages have been updated with key highlights that focus on what activities visitors can enjoy on any given property. This makes planning easier for new visitors and their families. News posts are now connected to sections all throughout the site and demonstrate not only WWLT’s past achievements but hold space for future accomplishments. The resulting website is more organized and skimmable while encouraging in-depth reading for those who want to know more.

WWLT’s mission remains the same—to protect, preserve, and conserve this beautiful place. We are excited to use these new assets to continue that mission.

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