Dri-Ki Point

Dri-Ki Point is a beautiful parcel with 1,041 feet of frontage jutting northward into Spednic Lake. This property is owned by the Woodie Wheaton Land Trust (WWLT) and is ideal for picnicking, camping, and fishing.

Spednic Lake, ME
1.31 acres
Date Protected
June 1, 2014
Water Access
Wildlife Watching
Primitive Boat Access

Key Features & Property Description

Dri-Ki Point is a beautiful point near Muncy Cove, jutting out into Spednic Lake. The property features a picnic table and camping spot. Dri-Ki Point has a shoreline on the North end of the property, with easy, primitive boat access on the east side. The point is forested with a profile of spruces, firs, birch, maple, and cedars.

Dri-Ki Point Campsite Rules:

  1. Two-night limit
  2. One party limit (first come, first serve)
  3. Limit party size: 10 (further down the lake are accommodations for larger parties)
  4. Carry in, carry out
  5. Pets allowed, but clean up after them
  6. Do not cut live trees
  7. Open fire requires a State of Maine fire permit
  8. Chainsaws, fireworks, and loud music are prohibited

State of Maine rules and regulations apply.

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