Freda Island

This small, wooded island can be found in the middle of Forest City Stream. It’s perfect for fishing, picnicking, and birdwatching. The property is owned by the Woodie Wheaton Land Trust (WWLT) and is open to the public.

Mud Lake, Forest City, ME
0.68 acres
Date Protected
December 30, 1999
Wildlife Watching

Conservation Purpose

Freda was donated to WWLT to conserve its natural landscape for the public’s benefit.

Key Features

  • Wooded island in Forest City Stream

Description of Property

Freda is a 0.9 acre forested island in the middle of Forest City Stream. Visitors will be greeted by the sounds of flowing water and the sights of a beautiful forested island. It has tree species consistent with other forests in the area including maple, spruce, fir, cedar, and aspen. While small, Freda provides a nice slice of nature for the public to enjoy.

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