Milton Wright Property

This small, densely forested plot borders on East Grand Lake and is owned by the Woodie Wheaton Land Trust (WWLT). The land was donated in 2009 to preserve and protect the East Grand Lake waterfront.

Boulder Road, Danforth, ME
0.45 acres
Date Protected
December 23, 2009

Conservation Purpose

The shorefront lot of the Milton Wright property, on East Grand Lake, is protected from any developments and is being preserved in its natural state.

Key Features & Property Description

  • Woods
  • Shoreline

Public Access

  • Limited due to property size and conservation purpose
  • Shoreline fishing

Milton Wright Property is a dense small forested plot that borders a small slice of East Grand Lake. Although public access to the property is limited here due to the size and conservation purpose, visitors can fish along the property’s shoreline. The 0.45 acre parcel is covered in dense woods and is located off of Boulder Road in Danforth, ME.

State of Maine rules and regulations apply.

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