Spednic Lake-St. Croix River

Spednic Lake is one of the largest lakes in Maine and is home to one of the state’s last remaining native landlocked salmon fisheries. It’s also one of the best smallmouth bass habitats in the United States. Island-dotted waterscapes, fjord-like coves, and rising forested shores keep visitors coming back for more.

Spednic Lake, ME
2,773 acres
Date Protected
Water Access
Wildlife Watching

Conservation Purpose

Spednic Lake lands were purchased by WWLT and subsequently conveyed to the State of Maine with restrictive deed covenants. Maine’s Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (IF&W) manages the state’s shorelands on Spednic Lake. The Bureau of Parks and Land (BPL) manages the 15 shorelands and islands on the river. 

Key Features & Property Description

  • Woods — hardwood and softwood trees
  • Granite shorelines 
  • Glacial eskers 
  • Crystal clear water
  • Habitat for landlocked salmon and smallmouth bass
  • Habitat for bald eagles, wood turtles, osprey, moose, deer, black bear, otters, beavers, loons, herons. 
  • One of the largest undeveloped lakes in the state.

Public Access 

  • Access by water
  • Fishing for landlocked salmon and small smallmouth bass
  • Chiputneticook Lakes Water Trail - canoe camping excursions
  • Campsites

The property is located at the lower end of Spednic Lake and the upper St. Croix River. Spednic Lake is one of the largest lakes in Maine and one of only four lakes over 15,000 acres in the state that remain largely undeveloped. For 51 miles, the 500 feet of land closest to the shoreline is conserved, protecting the region from harmful development. The absence of development to date has supported one of Maine’s last remaining native landlocked salmon fisheries and some of the best smallmouth bass habitat in the United States. Its many islands, fjord-like coves and rising, forested shores offer a stunning setting for fishermen, canoeists, and naturalists. Native landlocked salmon, smallmouth bass, and other prized fish draw many repeat visitors to local sporting camps that take pride in their outdoor heritage, including the guides’ continued use of traditional, handcrafted Grand Laker canoes.

State of Maine rules and regulations apply.

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